Angau Hospital

The Humble Wishlist

In March, 2013, we recieved a request from the Angau Hospital, the second largest hospital in Papua New Guinea requesting immediate help. Specifically, the Hospital requested aid for basic supplies that would be used in the emergency room requesting thermometers, blood pressure machines, stethescope and weighing scales. The situation was so dire that the Hospital were unable to treat patients in the Emergency Department. Due to lack of funding from the Department of Health, the Hospital turned to citizens and organizations for assistance. Through a meeting with the PNGINUSA Board, we could simply not ignore the cries for help from the Hospital.

A Cry for Help Answered

As a result, through your donations and fees, PNGINUSA assisted in purchasing some of these equipment and presented to the Hospital in Lae during the summer of 2013. Your donations helped us purchase the requested items. It is through your help that we were able to assist Papua New Guineans in a small way.

Angau Hospital Response

Thank you!

The Angau Hospital Staff was immensly grateful for your support. .