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July Bung, San Francisco

Dear Wantok, The countdown is almost over! It is a little over a week before our July “Bung Wantaim” scheduled for the weekend of July 20-22. PNG Bung in San Francisco July 20-22 coinciding with the Rugby Sevens World Cup is a few weeks away now olgeta wantok stateside. Make your travel and hotel reservations and get your tickets to support the PNG Pukpuks and Palais at the AT&T Stadium if you have not done so. Sign-up at PNGInUSA page under events. Plan to hang out and meet other Wantoks on Saturday evening July 21 for the Bung Kaikai. Come with lots of cash to buy raffle tickets. All proceeds to support a screening of Senisim Pasin in PNG. Lukim yupla o

  1.  Tents(if camping)Blankets, bedding, towels, pillows, sporting gear, toiletries. Cabins have cots/mattresses
  2.  Bring sufficient cash for personal use.
  3.  Provide possible arrival time into Highlands Park and departure plans.
  4.  Bring along Spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/and the kids as well.
  5.  Bring whatever else you can think of that you may need
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