National Haus Krai

The Event

In May 15, 2013 PNGINUSA participated in the the National Haus Krai movement to advocate against violence against women in Papua New Guinea by meeting in Washington DC. This action was part of a greater movement around the world to stand up for women rights and state uneqivocally that we did not support any type of violence against women.

Social Change

This is a pressing domestic social issue must be addressed in communities and homes. In a culture, where the rights of women versus men are ambiguous, there is much room for interpretation how men deal with women. Although violence against women is not specific to Papua New Guinea, it is in one accord that men and women in Papua New Guinea have risen up to demand a stop any type of violence against women. This is not the behavior that we tolerate and it should never been condoned in any way.


As a result of our meeting, we submitted a petition in Washington DC to the Papua New Guinean government to introduce stronger protections for women and ultimately steer a way to prevent violence against women. As a result of this movement, the Papua New Guinea government acted swiftly to address this issue with stronger penalties against men who commit crimes against women. It is through efforts such as these that stand not only for the rights of women but for human rights and say that we must respect each other regardless of gender, race, color or creed.

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Project Status: Completed