Enga Landslide Disaster Relief

Enga Landslide Disaster

May, 24th 2024 - 3am The Wee Hour

On this day, in the wee hours of 3 am in the morning when all were fast asleep, natural disaster struck. A landslide of humongous proportions brought down Mt Mungalo sweeping through an entire chain of villages. The size of the debris spread across the size of almost 4 football fields destroying literally everything in its way. Concrete numbers haven't been disclosed yet but we are told, up to almost 2000 people mostly women and children were burried alive, while sound asleep.

The Displacement and Destruction of Villages

Thousands have been displaced with no where to go or turn to. With a natural disaster that completely wiped out, up to nearly 3 villages, people have been left to near-starvation, exhaustion and have no where to turn to. We couldn't help but watch in horror, surveying the aftermath of the destruction. And as a PNG community we felt we needed to reach out and help. We wanted to seek your help so together, we can help those who are affected back home in Mulitaka, Enga Province.

Donate via Paypal or Credit Card

Donate using Zelle

Donate with Zelle

When using Zelle, make sure to label payment as "Enga Landslide Disaster Relief" so your donation is properly noted.

Donate by Check

Make Check payable to "PNGINUSA Corporation"
Mail to: PNGINUSA Corporation
6711 S Moran View St
Spokane, WA 99224

Where Your Donation Will Go

Your donation will go directly to those who are impacted by the landslide disaster that took place in Mulitaka, Enga Province. There are countless number of family members who are currently displaced and will need every support they can get from us. They may not have access to using money directly with limited service but in the case they do, we're looking at providing help with their basic needs for suvival, like Food, Water, Hygiene, Clothes and Medication including other things depending on their needs. Your help here is much needed and we are thankful for whatever amount you wish to donate.

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